Right click on any compress file,the D.O. automatic close

when i right click on the compress,like .zip &.rar, the D.O. automatic close,but in windows explorer ,not happen ,...any idea?

another question is when i set the folder option and save for all folders,the great mass of folder work,but some folders doesn't work....:frowning:

now i use the free 60-day evaluation of Directory Opus 8,i hope D.O. can improve the stability, then i will buy one ...:slight_smile:


Regarding the context-menu crash, try my advice in this FAQ:


Basically, it is probably a conflict between a 3rd party program and Opus. You can turn off 3rd party items on context menus and (also then enable only specific ones) but the best thing to do is work out which one is causing the problem and let GPSoft know so they can work around the problem. (It's often things assuming that only Explorer will ever show their item, and take advantage of that in dubious ways.)

Regarding the Folder Options, I suspect you're being confused by the content-type detection system which is on by default in Opus 8. This will detect, for example, that a directory has lots of image, music or movie files and change the format. You can either turn this off or edit/add/delete content groups and their formats.

To turn it off use Preferences / Folders / Options: Enable Folder Content Type detection.

To edit the formats go to Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats

To define/edit/remove content groups go to the opus Filetypes editor, via the tray icon.

thanks for your answer~~~ :slight_smile:


New user to DO, I'm getting intermittent right mouse button crashes -- all of the DO listers close. Coming back and doing the same thing again typically works fine.

Most cases it's a folder that I was going to use the zip function on.

Thanks for any help.


The relevant information has been gathered into this FAQ entry.

I've updated the URL in the post above as well, in case people find it by searching.