Right-click on toolbar buttons

Can toolbar buttons be made to do things when you right click on them? For example, if you right-clicked on "Copy" could you make it open "Help" (or something). Just curious.

Yes, using multiple-function buttons.

Can you do this with a menu button?

Not if you mean the main button part of the menu-button. You can put multi-function buttons inside the menu part.

For each individual button or menu item, you can choose from four mutually exclusive options:

  • Normal button.
  • Normal menu.
  • Menu-button (button with a menu attached to its right side).
  • Multi-function button (aka "Three Button") (button with different actions on left, middle and right clicks).

Where those show menus, you can nest the different types inside each other arbitrarily.

Another option which you have, for all button types, is to make them do different things when Ctrl, Shift or Alt are held down. That's done using the @keydown modifier within the button code itself.