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Right Click Options not working


When right clicking and choosing "create short cut" nothing happens. I have to go to File/New/Shortcut to create a shortcut. I am using 12.9. This is a problem on both my Win 7 pro and Win 10 computers.


What are you right-clicking?


I'm right clicking on a folder to create a shortcut to a URL


I'm not quite sure but it sounds like you have a URL in your clipboard and you want to paste that as a shortcut?

That's not what the "Create Shortcut" context menu does. That command creates a shortcut to the item you right-clicked on.


I seem to be mistaken. Sorry, I need to click New in the right click menu and then Create Shortcut.


If the page is already open in a web browser, you can drag the icon on the left of the address bar into a folder to create a .url shortcut to it as well.


I simply mistook the right click short cut in the folder tree with the new/shortcut in the list of files window.
I have only been using DOpus for 10 or so years. ;~)

Senior Moment.

Thank you for your help.