Right-Click Run As Admin on Shortcut Opens "Run as different user" Pop Up

Windows 11 21H2 64-bit build 22000.194
Dopus 12.25 x64 (exported to portable USB drive)

Right click on a shortcut and select "Run as Administrator". A Run as different user dialog pops up asking for user credentials.

Steps to reproduce:

In Directory Opus:

  1. Create a new empty test.bat file.
  2. Create shortcut to test.bat called test.bat - Shortcut.
  3. Right click on the test.bat - Shortcut link.
  4. A Run as different user dialog popups.


Rerun steps 3 in regular Windows File Explorer. No Run as different user dialog pops up. Instead, the regular User Account Control dialog pops up asking if you want to allow.

This issue seems to work as expected in version 12.28 Beta 1 x64.

It wasn’t anything we changed. :slight_smile:

Interestingly, after I rebooted my computer, it's not working anymore. Spoke too soon.