Right-Click Shortcut Enhancements and Multilingual Support for Directory Opus

Suggestion 1:
It is suggested that Directory Opus could improve its right-click menu by adding keyboard shortcuts directly to the submenu options. This would allow for actions such as creating a new folder, which in Windows 10's file explorer can be quickly done by pressing 'W' and 'F' while the 'New' submenu is open, without needing to go through multiple layers of menus.

Additional Suggestion:
Another area for improvement relates to language support for keyboard shortcuts in Directory Opus. It would be beneficial if future updates could include support for using shortcut keys in different languages, similar to how Windows 10's file manager operates, allowing users to keep their preferred input method while still accessing shortcut functions.

Ctrl + N creates a new folder in Opus without even having to open a menu.

You can create any hotkeys you want already,

Hotkeys already work in all languages. Not sure what you mean there?

I apologize for not making myself clear. What I mean is:

  1. In Directory Opus, it is not possible to customize the hotkey for the secondary context menu of the right mouse button.
  2. When I use input methods in other languages, I cannot use keyboard hotkeys to open the context menu in Directory Opus unless I switch to English input. However, in Windows 10's File Explorer, when I right-click on an empty space in a folder to display the context menu, I can use keyboard hotkeys normally, regardless of whether my input method is Chinese or Japanese. This aspect could be further optimized in Directory Opus.