Right Clicking on File Delay

I have a new Win 11 Laptop and since getting it every time I right click on a file it pauses for what seems to be up to almost a minute before the options show up. I did not have this problem at all on my old Win 10 laptop, the right click popped up right away as was expected. I also don't have this delay in the Windows File Explorer.
The files are in OneDrive, but this delay happens rather the files are "on this device" or in the cloud or any OneDrive status in between.
If I had this same problem on my old laptop it would make more sense to me that there was some sort of limitation in the DO software making this occur but since it just showing up on a new faster, larger hard drive laptop it makes no sense.
I have read other threads and a help file on this topic but none of it really seems completely relevant to my situation or the threads are really old so know that many things in DO has changed since then.
Thanks in advance!

Do you have iCloud installed?

Yes, but it was on my old laptop too and I am not using it to access the files.

Actually I see now that it must have come installed on my lapttop as clicking on it shows I am not even signed into iCloud.

The iCloud shell extension is causing long delays when right-clicking inside OneDrive folders for some reason.

We block it by default in Directory Opus 12.30.3 (Beta) and later, so installing that should fix the problem.

(The current beta has proven stable and shouldn't cause any problems. 12.31 will probably just be a change in version number to make it official.)

Unfortunately I just installed the Beta and restarted my laptop and there was still a delay when I right clicked. :frowning:

Please try the steps here to see if the problem is coming from a different extension:

(That should link to the "Finding The Culprit" section of the page.)

It says to first do the following but I don't see this option in my preferences.

Preferences / Miscellaneous / Windows Integration:
Hide Windows items on file context menus (shift overrides)

You can skip that part; the "Finding The Culprit" section under it is what you need.

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This is also a bit over my head.. I am great with programs and getting around my laptop but messing with the registry is really out of my comfort zone.

Directory Opus Light:
Add the following registry value.
ContextMenuDebug (DWORD) = 1

Maybe the easiest thing to do if you're not actually using it is to uninstall iCloud.

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Thanks for all of the help. I did uninstall iCloud and now it all works fine.
iCloud isn't something I use often but at some point I will probably need it back on my lapttop but for now it is more important to me to have DO works as I want it to.
Thanks again!