Robocopy /sec /secfix

I use robocopy to synchronize user profiles between computers, and I would like to quit using robocopy and copy the profiles using dopus functions. Is there any way to emulate the /sec and /secfix switches of robocopy with the copy function of dopus?

/sec -> copy files with security
/secfix -> fix file security on all files

Thank you


Opus has an option to "Copy security permissions" in preferences, which can also be turned on/off on individual Copy buttons by adding the COPYSECURITY=yes/no argument to the Copy command.

There's also an option, "Update permissions/encryption to match the destination when moving files."

Whether those two things do the same as the two robocopy arguments, I'm not sure; I'm not familiar with that aspect of robocopy.

Will try that. Thanks.

I don't think that will necessarily get the desired results - the robocopy /secfix option basically updates just the security / acl info withOUT actually copying the file data again. This is a pretty crucial capability in some "data migration" use cases, and not something I think Opus is generally used for... BUT, if you're ok with copying the data again, then Opus copy options preserve file metadata and security / acl info...