Run an Opus internal command from within a script

Is it possible to run an Opus internal command from within a script?
I saw this post
Script Command.RunCommand wait till completed but I think it applies to external commands (outside of Opus)

This question is related to wanting to save a lister or all listers from within a script

You do use the Script Command object. Try it out, or look at almost any example script on the forum to see how it can be used.

(I assume we are talking about scripts inside Opus, not external scripts.)

Yes I am talking about Opus internal commands. Running an internal command from within a script would achieve my outcome. Something like this
ScriptObject.ExecuteInternalCommandMethod(Prefs LAYOUTSAVE=single)

I had another look at the ScriptCommand object.
It seems to me that this is intended to create a new (presumably customised) Opus Internal command an example of which is given here. Am I understanding that correctly? If so that is diffeent to what I want to do. I want to execute an existing internal command from within a script as described above.

You can use it to run a command.

Look at virtually any Opus script and you'll find it runs commands, usually via the RunCommand method you already found, which is all you need if it's a single-line command. Just give it a try!

(If you want to run multi-line commands, you can use the AddLine and Run methods instead of RunCommand.)

Sorry for late reply thank you Leo I will take another look....