Run each Dopus lister in separate memory space?

Is there an option to allow Dopus to run each lister window in separate memory space?

There've been cases where I use two or more windows (listers) on two monitors running something, a search, a copy of a large directory, whatever the case may be, and one lister window crashes. I am then forced to terminate Dopus (there is no option to "wait until the program responds"), and all of my activities, which at times I do as many as 3 or 4 at a time, terminate, since all Dopus listers die. (Speaking of which, the more listers I open, the slower all of them get -- I nean REALLY slow, to the point of not being able to to anything with each window, browse, close it, cancel the running job. Yet Win 7 is as responsive as ever. Given separate memory space for each may alleviate this condition.)

Had each lister been running in separate memory space, killing one window would not have stopped all of the running jobs.

Ironically, the window that crashed, wasn't running anything, I right-clicked on a file to edit it, and before the right-click menu appeared, the lister grayed out and froze, then Win 7 told me to terminate the process, while all the other listers froze as well.

I searched in help and the forums and online to no avail.

No, but the crash you are seeing will be caused by a context menu shell extension and should be easy to track down and prevent by following the guide in the FAQs about crashes when right-clicking files,

Leo, I'm less worried about the crash, than having each lister run in its own memory space. Any future plans for this feature?