"Running" a location should make that location the active tab

To recreate the problem, assuming you have set Directory Opus to replace Explorer and your normal view is two panes (having two different folder views):

  1. Open Run command in Windows (Windows Key + R)
  2. Enter a path to a folder and then hit enter
  3. A new lister window opens and the folder you specified will always be opened in your left pane. However, if your right pane had the focus last time you used Directory Opus, your right pane will still be in focus.

Expected behavior:
The active pane should be the one for the path I'm trying to go to.

It would probably be the most intuitive to always open the path in the left AND always have the left pane be the active one. OR open the target path in whichever side was the last one that was active. Either way, if I use the Run command to open a path and immediately press CTRL+N to make a new folder in that path, that new folder shouldn't be created in whatever path happened to be in my right pane last time I was in Directory Opus.

Thanks for the report. We've fixed this for the next update (12.15.4 beta).

(In case it's of use: If you turn on Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement / Open external folders in a new tab in the current version, that doesn't have the same problem.)