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Running an application from file context menu

I'm either tired, blind or slow, but I have searched for an hour in the manual, and cannot figure out what command to use to run an external program via a file context menu.

I have Settings – Preferences – Launching Opus – Explorer Replacement set to "Replace Explorer for all file system folders (recommended)".

In this particular case, I want to highlight a file, right-click and run Unlocker to unlock a file that is locked and cannot be deleted.

Can someone point me in the right direction?


Hans L

Have you tried holding SHIFT down while you right click?

Hey John. Yes, I have tried Shift, and it does, of course, work. However, I am trying to avoid Explorer as much as possible, and do what I want to do in DOpus. Is Shift (Explorer) the only way?

Hans L

In case there's any confusion, John meant holding the shift key when right-clicking files in Opus.

It sounds like you have turned on the option in Opus which hides all 3rd party context menus unless the shift key is held down. If you want to hide some, but not all, 3rd party items then see here.

No, I knew what John meant. And yesterday, late at night, I found "Tip: Organise and Speed-Up Context Menus" and I now have Unlocker in my context menu. Thanks, anyway, Nudel.


Hans L