Running Directory Opus from a USB stick/drive


I currently have no computer so I would like to use Directory Opus from a USB stick.

Is this possible or did a user already create a tool?


Once the trial period expires, in order to continue working, DOpus needs to be licensed for the computer it is installed on. So I do not think you would have much luck running the program from a removable drive.

There are currently projects developed in order to make softwares run from an USB key (see U3 for a commercial project ; in France, there is a similar one — FramaKey — using only opensource / free softwares rather than commercial ones). The aim of these projects is that the end-user can have his settings on his own USB key, so that he can have his usual environment on every computer he uses. Some kind of decentralized accounts, rather than multiple ones on every computer people use.
E.g. currently, someone can have a portable version of Thunderbird in order to check and get his e-mails from home, office, etc. without leaving unwanted data (personal informations) on another computer than his personal one.

As far as I know (rather "as far as I guess"), DOpus keeps the registration information in its folder, not in the registry. And the registry is used only to keep settings (from a technical point of view, I guess that there's nothing that prevents me from installing DOpus with my serial number at home and at work, even if I paid for 1 license only. Or is there ?).

So, maybe it would be possible in the future that a portable version of DOpus is developed by GPSoftware, so that it can be put on a USB key ?