RVF File Viewer

RVF (RichView Format) is a rich text format used by applications created with TRichView components ( trichview.com ).
RVF file editor can be downloaded from trichview.com/resources/acti ... ontest.zip
RVF files usually have RVF extension (*.rvf), but some applications may produce RVF files with different extensions. This viewer recognizes RVF files by extension.

Download: trichview.com/resources/dire ... us_rvf.zip
This ZIP includes both the viewer DLL and source code (Delphi).
I used the pascal header file from this post, with some corrections.

This plugin supports both file viewing and thumbnails.

Known problem: this viewer is not shown in a preview pane.
I do not know why it happens. If DOpus developers can help, it would be nice. An example of RVF file can be downloaded with the editor (the link is in the first post) - readme.rvf.

Cool plugin. :slight_smile:

I've started a thread over in the Developers forum with some findings/ideas:

[Plugins: RVF File Viewer: Viewer pane debug)

Updated version ( is uploaded to the same location.
Fixed: problem with preview pane.
Improved: thumbnail size.


Nice plugin!

You may not know but anyone who writes a useful Opus plugin qualifies for a free license - so if you'd like email us at info@gpsoft.com.au to claim your prize :slight_smile:

Update: version 1.1.
It can be downloaded from the same location.

  • both 32-bit and 64-bit versions
  • it uses Unicode version of API