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S-DOX II Icon Set (2 x 208 icons)


I set small always to 22 and large always to 32, as there're no 48 or 64 icons available at the moment.

On my UWHD (3440x1440@125) they were too small or too large on DO12, that's the reason why I updated the set. But maybe I did something wrong using the new dpi-entries (on my screen the icons are looking good).

BTW it was a good idea not to continue working on the new iconset in the past... as GP mentioned that they now have 4k, I was sure 22/32 pixels will be outdated soon :wink:.


Which screensize and dpi you're using? DO now doesn't scale the icons (here I use 125%, so with older iconset-format DO scales up).

If you want old behaviour with scaling (and less sharp icons), use v1.80.


many thanks for these


Very nice! The flat style is more awesome!
Thanks alot!