S-DOX II Icon Set (2 x 208 icons)

*** For personal use only ***

The S-DOX II Icon Set includes large (32x32) and small (22x22) icons for DirOpus.


09-2016 v1.91 Updated XML entries for better dpi-scaling
04-2016 v1.90 XML updated for DO v12; minor icon-changes
04-2016 v1.80 Last version for DO v11 and older; minor icon-changes
08-2015 v1.75 Added Vivaldi-icon and new go-arrows; updated/replaced Egde, Reflect and some more
08-2015 v1.56 Updated (network-)drive-icons for Windows 10
01-2015 v1.55 Fixed player-control-icons (xml was wrong) and added min-/max-icon
01-2015 v1.50 Added player-control (play, pause, stop, eq,...)
12-2014 v1.25 XBMC is now Kodi (new icon); added Ampps
12-2014 v1.24 Few new icons; renamed TrueCrypt-icon and replaced it by a "neutral" one
09-2014 v1.20 New icons added, enhanced FDB-buttons and some cosmetic changes on existing icons
03-2014 v1.10 Added/changed some icons
03-2014 v1.0 Initial release
01-2014 v0.5 Beta
12-2013 Preview

How to install:

  1. Download and extract the dis-file from zip-archive.
  2. Open "prefs > toolbars > icons" and import the extracted dis-file.
  3. Optional: To replace the default FDB-buttons, just set the iconset to the top of the list (see 2.).


S-DOX II Icon Set v1.91.zip (295 KB)
Download for v11 and older:

S-DOX II Icon Set v1.80.zip (295 KB)


First release (beta).


Nice ones, thank you!

These are beautiful! But I'm not getting Back, Forward, Parent icons in toolbar. Other icon packs work fine. Why is this so? Please let me know.

Other iconssets (e.g. from Chris) replace the default-set, my set almost uses additional icons and offers different arrow-styles. So I decided not to replace them automatically. But you can change them in customize-mode within seconds.

thanks for these mate. :thumbsup:

Final version released.

Nice work. Congrats on the final version.

Checking these out too, as I like your back/forward/up/down and favorite icons. :v

Updated to v1.2

Updated to v1.24

Updated to v1.55

Added 15 small and large control-icons (for mediaplayers supporting commandline to use within DO).

Example screenshot shows transparent floating toolbar with small icons:

Updated to v1.56

Updated network- and drive-icons to fit with the ones from Windows 10. If you don't use Windows 10, keep previous version (nothing else has been changed)!

Updated to v1.75

This is the last release.

Thanks, Vivaldi icon is very welcome! o)

"Last release" is a sad fact! o(

Maybe "last" implies "new set" (which already is in use here :wink:).

I was hoping for something like that! o)

Updated to v1.90 (support for DO12)

Thank you Sasa! o)
I noticed some of the icons from your set appear a little bit smaller than they used to do in DO v11, does your updated version take care of that somehow or is this something that can be fixed differently? I admit, I did not look into the changes regarding icons sets yet! o)