Same Left (folder tree) - Right (folder) sorting

Is it possible to have the same sorting configuration on both display sides i.e. left side (folder tree) & right side (file display)?
See the attached images, which are of the exact same folder. On the folders side (right) display I have sorted the sub-folders & files according to the reverse date that they were created, but on the folder tree side (left) display the sub-folders are still sorted according to name.

Can't you just do the sort on the other lister that you did on the first? If you click on the Created or Modified header that will sort them for you.

I mean sort the FOLDER TREE (left side display) like the file display (right) - in my case sort the folder tree (active folder) according to the reverse date created. In general 'connect' the folder tree sorting to the file display sorting. That means that if I have the cursor on the folder shown in the folder tree, I will be able to run down the folder tree seeing the folder contents in the file display panel (on the right) sorted as set by me.

Ah, I see what you mean now! I don't believe that is possible, but maybe someone else knows a way.

The folder tree is always sorted by name, at least currently.

It would be nice to have the option to 'link' the folder tree sorting to the file sorting! That way, we could run down the folder tree and see the details in the file display!

Personally, I can't see a scenario were you would want to sort the folder tree the same as the lister as you already have the sorted folder/file list in the lister already. You're just duplicating what you already have. Just my opinion.

I'm not sure how this would work in practice. The tree is showing all folders at once, and potentially shared by multiple folder tabs which may all be showing different (or the same) folders and sorting in different ways.

Folder modified times are also fragile and unreliable, since changes within the folders can change the folder dates.

If the aim is to sort albums by release date, putting the years into the folder names is what I use.