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Same name, Save multiple file types at the same time?

Not sure if this is a per app macro question.
How to save a file with the same name but with different extensions?

What do you mean by "save" here? Where is the initial image coming from? Or is it already on disk (or in the clipboard) and you want to convert (or paste) it into multiple formats?

something like this: maybe a RC (right Click) menu?

  1. RC image.jpg
  2. save as: TIF, PNG, TGA,
    result would be the same image saved as image.tif, image.png, image.tga
    You can do this in Photoshop bridge with a macro, but it's not built in to the "save as" where it would really matter. All these years and none of the graphics apps (i'm aware of) have this feature built in.

Using the built-in image converter, Opus can only write to BMP, JPG, GIF or PNG. It can only read TIF and TGA formats. So while it can convert to multiple formats, it couldn't convert to those particular three.

You could create an Opus button which uses a command-line image converter, such as ImageMagick.

This on a button or context menu will convert the selected file(s) into TIF, PNG and TGA formats:

@runmode hide
"C:\Program Files\ImageMagick\magick.exe" {filepath} {filepath|ext=tif}
"C:\Program Files\ImageMagick\magick.exe" {filepath} {filepath|ext=png}
"C:\Program Files\ImageMagick\magick.exe" {filepath} {filepath|ext=tga}

(It looks like ImageMagick will re-write the file if it's already in the specified format, but you could add extra logic to avoid that if needed.)

If you mean the File > Save As dialog in every app, then this would not be built into that either. These are things you can add within Opus. But why would you be using the Save As dialog to convert images that had already been saved? I'm not sure I have fully understood.

I don't know how else to explain, when the image editor app (photoshop) saves a file have it save in multiple formats at the same time.
instead of saving the file 4 different times, have it understand you want to save in TIF, PSD, TGA and JPG in one command.
Why, with one file "save as" 4 different times? Just click Save As and have it save the 4 different file types at the same time, or sequentially.
Thanks for the DOPUS info.
With the level of tech we are now exposed to "it can't be done" is no longer an excuse. Why it has yet to be implemented is more the question.

When Photoshop is saving a file, Opus isn't involved at all.

Opus can convert the file into other formats after Photoshop saves it, but it cannot change what Photoshop does.

This seems to be a question about how to use Photoshop, not how to use Opus.

You could record a macro in Photoshop to do that, but that's unrelated to Opus and something you'd need to ask on a forum about Photoshop for help with.