Same window-width in Dualview

I have notied that it is not possible to have the same window-width on each lister in dualmode.

When exactly centering and updating setting it always moves a few pixel to the left or right after restart (tested with same columnsize on each side and also with different screen-resolutions). So for example left lister shows scroolbar while right lister has got 2-3 pixel space left before showing scroolbar.

When placing the divider more left or right from center the position is saved correctly. Same with metapane/preview.

As far as I can remember this never was in v9.

The position is saved as a percentage of the window size, so some rounding can occur.

It's always been this way, since Opus 6. It's something we might change in the future, though.

You're right, I remember there was 1 Pixel difference! So 1680x1050 on my old monitor was better than 1920x1080 :slight_smile: