Save and Open DO on dual screen

Hello, how can I save and open DO 11.3 in large mode on dual screen?

Settings > Set As Default Lister, will save the window's current state as the new default, if that's what you want.

You can also use Lister Layouts for setups you want to use in specific situations but not as the default.

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No , its no good
how can I save and open DO 11.3 in direct on dual monitor?
... I want open DO direct on the dual monitor , just with a clip on his icon on the desktop
one clic on the icon, direct onto the dual monitor

Onether question :
I have drive label in toolbar, but how to have the drive label also in the left tree

You may need to turn on this option, in addition to what I said above:

Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister / Always in the same position

Folder tree appearance can be configured under Preferences / Folder Tree / Appearance. (If you still need help with that, please start a new thread to keep things organised.)

Thank you, you last message was the solution at my two questions
Directory Opus is the best Explorer that I have test
More difficult to configure, but excellent to utilise ... and in many languages...
The help in French will be a good idea, perhaps a pdf in French... if you have

Please, can I block the vertical separation line between the two windows in vertical dual mode ?
(not the vertical separation line of the two folder tree)

I'm not sure what "block" means in this context, but since this is unrelated to what the original thread was about, please start a separate thread for the question & more details.

(The Ask one question per thread FAQ has a few reasons why this is important.)