Save Floating ToolBar

How can I save only my Floating ToolBar from Opus 12 to be used in Opus 13?

It works the same in 13 as it did in 12.

If you installed 13 over 12, your floating toolbar should still be there.

Are you saying I should use the Backup I made just before I loaded Opus 13. If so I was afraid I'd be loading settings I don't want.

I have no knowledge of what state your configuration and backups are in, so I can't advise on that.

The way floating toolbars work hasn't changed in Opus 13.

I have only Opus 12 Installed on a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. I only want to save the Floating ToolBar, See on top of image, to install on Opus 13. So I will uninstall Opus12 than install Opus 13. Hopefully I will than have access to my Floating ToolBar.

I have already saved a Opus backup of my Opus 112.

It's a .dop file that sits in /buttons. Copy it from the v12 to the v13 config, and activate it via Customize > Toolbars.

Thanks for the help. It was a breeze to fix.