Save synchronisation options as part of a layout (or any other way?)

I have some regular sync. tasks that require different options to be chosen in the sync panel (filters, only compare existing files etc.).

I have created saved layouts with the appropriate paths, to speed this up, but the sync. options are NOT saved and I have to manually remember to modify these with each sync. session - which is an irritant as I sometimes forget and there's 10000s of thousands of files in play, so it can mean a long running compare process and only realising after this that I forget to set the settings (again, sigh!).

Is it possible to save sync. settings at all? I see several historical requests for such, and something saying it was on the ToDo list (Possible to Save Synchronize/Find Panel Options with Lister? - #2 by Leo) - but I can't see a method for doing so?

If not possible, any idea when it might come along?

Many thanks!

Layouts will save the left and right paths, but not the other options that effect the sync panel; those remember what was last used.

A couple of people have some buttons which swap out the config file that stores the settings to get presets that way, but it's a bit clunky.

We haven't forgotten and a nicer way to do that is still on our todo list.

Ok, thanks, I'll muddle on till you get there!

Personally I think/hope a saved lister should save all the options/panels as part of it.