Saved lister formats

What I would like to do....

Have a predefined layout for Work (using the USB key), a predefined layout for my main computer and one for my laptop. Each of the 3 machines use different toolbars because each system does not have the same applications or network shares available. I have different toolbars for each, so I can always go into customize and manually disable the drive toolbar for home and enable the work one (which of course does not remember where the toolbar ought to be and I have to drag it back into place.

I thought that if i set up the lister for work then saved the layout, that when I select that layout it would place whatever toolbars i have defined in place etc. Then if i selected a laptop layout it would preload the toolbars and whatever other settings. However, as far as I can tell, it closes and restarts DO, but nothing changes.

Am I doing something wrong, or is what I want to do not possible.


Layouts don't (currently) save any information about toolbars so they won't help here. (There is already a feature request to include toolbars in Layouts.)

What you can do is create some hotkeys or buttons which turn on and off the toolbars you want, in the places you want. The Toolbar command lets you open and close toolbars and allows you to specify placement (left, right, top, bottom, middle, etc.) and also the row (for when you have more than one toolbar in the same place and need them to appear in a particular order).

I am playing around with the toolbar command and having some difficulty.

That is what I want it to look like. The code i put in the button is:

Toolbar "AppBar_01_Laptop" Toggle STATE=top Line=2,800
Toolbar "Desktop_Laptop" Toggle STATE=top Line=4,800

The bottom icon bar on the left is called AppBar_01_Laptop.

The Desktop_Laptop toolbar shows up where it is supposed to, but the appbar does not. If i put line=5,800, then the toolbar shows up under the style bar. If I put line=1,800 or 3,800 then it appears to the right of desktop_laptop (hidden and out of sight).

Perhaps I am not understanding what the first # in there means. I know the 800 means 800 pixels from the left of the screen. That much was clear in the help file, but the first part I am not sure.

Any clarification would be great


If i manually place the bars where i want to, is there a way to find out their position so i can input those #s into a button? I still cannot place them where I want.

Either I don't understand the LINE argument or there's a bug here as it's not working as I expect it to. I've filed a bug report and I'll report back here if it turns out I was just doing the wrong thing.

Give it a try in Opus as the LINE argument has been fixed.

Full list of changes here: [Directory Opus