Saved Lister Layouts Enhancement

i've built up quite a collection of saved layouts over the past couple years and it'd be great if I could organize these saved layouts into subfolders. It would make navigating through the list much easier when the DOpus system tray icon is right clicked.

I requested this just the other day so it's in the official request database - as to whether it would be implemented - who knows.

Well, for now you could still just add multiple sub-menus with individual Prefs LAYOUT buttons right?

Ah yes you could - when I made my request I was talking about adding subfolders to the desktop context menu - not the tray icon menu.

As you say, a non-dynamic folder hierarchy could be manually created for the tray icon though.

I suppose. It would be pretty tedious to set up and name 30-35 buttons. Or is there an easier way?

No you'd have to do it manually - which would be made a little easier using copy/paste - then only the name of the layout would have to be modified on each new button. Still a pita though.

Too true... not trying to cheapen the value of the feature request, just thinking about a workaround for now...

You "could" open the Preferences->Listers->Layouts dialog, and then drag and drop all of your saved layouts to a folder first which will create a bunch of .DCF files representing your layouts, and then do something like:

  • run a rename command on your layout.dcf files FROM Layout '*'.dcf TO *.dcf
  • organize your layout 'shortcuts' into the sort of folder structure you'd want...
  • Add a menu to your tray icon, with a button under it that runs:
    Go D:\my\layouts FOLDERCONTENT=noparselinks

This would make it a bit easier to setup and 'maintain' than actually writing buttons with menus and sub-menu, etc etc... of course, nothing would beat the sort of enhancement in saved layout managament being asked for here... :wink:. just something to tide you over maybe...

Brilliant Steje !
I never would have thought of it.
My layouts are now shortcuts in my folders of choice thanks to you !


Edit Note:
I'd get rid of the 'noparselinks' though.