Saving default lister files listed in inverse date order

I apologise if this question has been asked before, but I did not find it.

I would like the Default Lister when I save it to remain as it was when saved, i.e. with files listed newest first.

Each time I save it, it reverts to listing files in alphabetical order when next opened.

Thanks for help with this.

Dr J M Evans

You can either save it in you folder options (-> tools -> folder options -> save for this folder) or just set it & save it to your default lister (-> options -> lister layouts).

These three FAQs near the top of the list (link in my sig) have more detail if you need it:

[ul][li] Understand and configure Folder Formats -- Including how to stop the view mode changing automatically.[/li]
[li] Save settings to System Folders (e.g. My Computer, Desktop, Control Panel)[/li]
[li] Startup Folders[/li][/ul]

Thanks; changing the folder properties as suggested in the FAQ worked.