Saving layout ignores listers on other windows 10 virtual desktops

Title says it all.

I save my layout manually every time before I exit dopus.
A few days ago I started using virtual desktops in Windows 10. (with Win+Tab, Win+Shift+Left, Win+Shift+Right to cycle). I had split a few listers on Desktop 1 and a few others on Desktop 2.
After saving my layout to install the 12.20 update and after dopus restarted I was greeted with only the listers which were open on my active virtual desktop at the time when I saved the layout.
I tested a few more times and I can say it can be reproduced in 100% of the cases.

My layout save button is like this:

Prefs LAYOUTSAVE=updatecurrent LAYOUTNAME=Layout

I have a 3 monitor setup and all listers are saved and properly restored on all monitors within the active virtual desktop. As long as all open listers are saved even across Desktops I wouldn't mind if dopus opens them all on the same desktop (active one where it was launched) even though they were split among other desktops as well.

Granted, virtual desktops are a feature that most users aren't even aware of being integrated into the OS, and that was 2 years ago. Much less are the ones that find actual use for it, still, this leads to loss of state and I hope it will be fixed at some point.

Thank you.

Not a bug, but by design. Can be turned off (all the windows will open on the same desktop when re-opened) by changing Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: [Behavior] virtual_desktop_isolation

It's described in detail here:!Documents/Prefs/Advanced.htm

Oh, guess I didn't look properly in the manual and jumped the gun there.

Thanks for clarifying Leo

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No worries, it's a pretty obscure setting!