Saving Layouts & Other Problems

I'm sorry if this sounds stupid but I've actually been reading the Directory Opus Guides and searching the threads for an answer but I can't find anything that works. I'm either doing something wrong or something is wrong with my computer/applications.

  1. How do you save the folder format of a folder in Directory Opus? I did what the guide states and go to Folder Options and "Save the current folder format", checking "Replace this folder's format in any layouts and saved folder tabs" and "Save for all sub-folders".

This should save the folder display of "Details" and the folder being sorted by Type, no?

I also want to get rid of the Image Tool Bar which I uncheck in "Customize Toolbars..." I then Save Toolbar Set under Toolbar Sets.

But whenever I close the folder and immediately come back, it reverts back to thumbnails and the same parameters for file sorting! And, the image toolbar comes back even though I unchecked it. It's getting so frustrating! Nothing is getting saved like I want things to!

Can someone help me out and tell me how to fix this?

2nd Problem

I've incorporated Teracopy into Directory Opus. I went into file types and edit all files and folders and change the command to:

"C:\Program Files\TeraCopy\TeraCopy.exe" Move *{allfilepath$|filem} {destpath}

It doesn't work cleanly. When I drag and drop folders/files into other folders, a dialog box will pop up and say that it can't find the folder/file I am trying to move. Yet, it obviously does find the folder/file because the program does indeed drag and drop the file/folder into the folder. In other words, everything works fine except that annoying dialog box after each drag and move.

As additional info, if I cut and paste with control x and control v, it works perfectly.

(By the way, can I also change the cut and paste hotkeys so that it uses Teracopy instead of Directory Opus's cut and paste functions? What would the commands be to replace cut and paste in Customize Toolbars?)

It should.

Close the whole window, then open a fresh one and try with that. Does it still happen?

If it does, see what the format lock's tooltip tells you about where the format is coming from. (The more detailed folder formats FAQ explains in more detail, including how to find the tooltip.)

You can turn it off under Preferences / File Display Modes / Toolbars.

Please Ask one question per thread to keep threads easy to search and follow.

A screenshot of the error message would also help there, so we can see exactly what it says and if it's coming from Opus or TeraCopy.