Saving queries from an existing search isn't available?

I'm trying to use this feature but it's grayed out in the context menu. I know it only works with windows search but I can't remember how to switch back and forth and why I would prefer one search over the other within opus? You can only use one or the other right?

Is "save as stored query" only available using windows7 ?

I was using the advanced search tool...shows this grayed out there. I guess advanced search doesn't work with this feature? It does work with the little quick search box in the location bar. However, I had to install "windows search 4.0" to enable this feature…since I still use XP!!! Very nice feature now it's working:)

The command is only available when you're currently displaying the results of a windows search (i.e. after running a search using the search field on the toolbar, you can right-click the background of the results display and save the query that produced it).

Is this the same in 7 and 8 versions as well?
Any plans to ad more flexibility?

Not sure what you're asking. 7 and 8 versions of what?
What more flexibility do you want?

windows 7 and 8
Created using advanced search options.
I want it all...i'm an opus user!!!

I assume it would work in Windows 8 the same as it does in Windows 7 (and in Vista, and in XP with WDS installed).
Unfortunately stored queries only work with windows search.


Is searching meta tags only possible using the advanced search tool?
The reason I wanted to use the stored queries was to make it easy to tag files and retrieve them using saved query folders via tags, etc..
Any ideas how to do such?

Both Windows Search and Opus's internal Find tool can search metadata.

Saved filters can be used to automate the internal Find tool in some cases.

You haven't said what you want to search for so it's hard to give more specific advice.

Specific Need:

  • We have a “shared network folder” containing client subfolders and their files.
  • We have added Meta tag “Keywords” to the files in these folders like (orders, quotes, artwork, research, etc.)
  • Can we use “Stored Queries” like (orders, quotes, artwork, research, etc.) to show only the files containing specific Meta tag “Keywords”?
  • Our computers run XP Pro and have Windows Search 4.0 installed.

Thanks for helping!

Windows Search probably won't look for metadata on network drives, so stored queries is probably not what you want here.

Opus's own Find function can do it, though, assuming it is a filetype that Opus knows how to read metadata out of. You can set up a filter in the Advanced half of the Find panel and save that for use in commands.

Needed for typical file types:
Graphics (e.g. jpg,gif,bmp,psd,ai,eps,etc.)
Office files (e.g. doc,xls,ppt,etc.)

Saving for use in commands... like creating buttons executing a command to run a saved Opus search?

Thanks for your help!

Yes, once you've saved a Find Filter, you can use it in Find commands (and also others). Have a look at the Find command's FILTER argument, and the example given for it as a starting point.

The filters can also be used with Copy/Move, Delete and Select commands (and maybe more that I can't think of right now).

I think all your filetypes should be fine, but it's worth checking with some test files/searches to make sure. (e.g. Every so often we come across some PDF software which writes its metadata in an unusual way that we need to accommodate, as was done in the last beta update coincidentally.)