Saving web pages from this site does not work

When I try to save pages from sometimes there are posts and images missing from the thread -- like the last half or first half of the posts are just white space. It seems that if I scroll to the bottom and save, the first half of posts are not saved, if I save from the top, the last half of posts are missing.

I tried Firefox built-in save page ability, the Firefox add-on called "Save Page WE", I tired Internet Explorer, and I tried printing to PDF file in FF, IE, and Edge -- none work right.

Anyone know of a way to save pages from here properly?

According to this thread, Ctrl-P may work:

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It works, but after I saved a few pages, it gave me an error message.

The first few times here's what happens:
Press Ctrl + P
Print dialog opens.
Close the print dialog.
A new window pops up with the printer-friendly version of the page (same URL -- except it has "/print" added to end).
Right after the new window pops up, a second print dialog opens, and it's from there that I successfully printed the whole page.

After I printed a few pages, instead of opening a printer-friendly version of the page, the new window just has this error message:
"You’ve performed this action too many times, please try again later."

It does work though, so thank you.

For a screenshot in Chrome Full Page Screen Capture works well.

For a text based capture try Pandoc.

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I have started using this and it works fine for me. I have attached a saved page of this topic. Out of curiosity, see if it works for you.

Saving web pages from this site does not (294.8 KB)

You'd need to test it on a topic long enough that it isn't all loaded at once. This one is too short.

Yeah, I see the problem now :frowning:

Thanks for Pandoc.
It works. Only problem is it makes some images and emoji's way too big (pic attached).
In case anyone else wants to try it on this forum, you should note that if you feed Pandoc only the thread URL, it only saves the first 20 posts. You have to supply a separate URL for every 20 posts in the thread. For posts 21-40 copy the thread URL and append "?page=2" to it. For posts 41-60 append "?page=3"... and so on.

EXAMPLE: the thread: smart-front-end-for-beyond-compare has 75 posts, so to download the whole thread into one file, here is my Pandoc args:

pandoc -s -o "C:\output.html" "" "" "" ""

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It seems like Ctrl-P is still the best option.

I'm not sure what the limit on the number of uses per day is, but how many threads do you need to save to PDF on a normal day? (The forum isn't going anywhere. :))

Edit: Found the limit, which is 5 threads per hour.

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Lol well I've saved 26 threads in the past few weeks, and just realized I need to go back and check them all.
Thanks a ton for all the info!