Scp support

Are there any plans for adding support for moving files around using scp (SSH-based file transfer)? This would be helpful to myself and to others who administer remote Linux servers from a Windows desktop.

Thanks for a brilliant piece of software,


It is something we've thought about but there are no immediate plans for it. Generally SSH/SFTP is available on such machines so can achieve 'similar' results. Also there are readily available free public clients (Putty) which can be used as well.

My understanding is that SCP is just another name for file transfer over SSH, which Opus supports (with the Advanced FTP features enabled).

Edit: Looks like SCP means more than one thing, just to make computing that much more complicated. :slight_smile:

Anyway, Opus works with the sites that I previously had to use WinSCP and similar tools with.

If I may clear this thing up a bit :wink:

It's explicitly NOT for complicatings things more.
It's just the opposite...

The 'old' UNIXs had rsh and rcp, resp. remoteShell and remoteCopy... These were unbelievably unsecure proggies using unsecure protocols. When SSH came out, they thought it to be secureShell and secureCopy, which isn't that bad an idea.. :wink:

DOpus supports transfer over SSH (which in fact is SCP) just fine. sFTP is the other secure xferring protocol, which requires a running server daemon on the other side.
That is the one which isn't supported by DOpus, at least I think. I haven't tested it yet with the secure copy options in DOpus.

Just my two cents...