Screen Mode

It is possible to set up a button in Opus to toggle between Extended and Clone screen modes in XP?

Do you maybe mean single & dual displays?

Sounds like he means switching a dual monitor setup between having the 2 monitors stretch the display across the two screens (independent displays) and having the second monitor simply show the same (cloned) view as the primary monitor... or something like that.

You could certainly do this... PROVIDED you have some command line tool that does this for you. What type of graphics card is in your system...? The NVidia cards allow for something like:

rundll32.exe NvCpl.dll,dtcfg setview <display#> <viewtype> [<primary NV device monikerc>] [<secondary NV device moniker>]

...where the argument can be any one of standard, clone, hspan, vspan, or dualview values.

Not sure what ATI's driver package offers...

Thanks for that Steve. As it happens it is an Nvidea card. I shall give that code a go when I get back into work (Yea! holidays)

Sure thing... just FYI, you can google around for "NvCpl.dll dtcfg" and you should find the link to the NVIDIA api manual for the NvCpl interface... just focus on the part that talks about the command above, which you can use via rundll32.exe... Presumably, there are some other uses of NvCpl that you can look at to get the rest of the info the command above needs (like display#, and the "moniker" stuff). The rest is for programmers...

...and that's "steje" to you mister :stuck_out_tongue:.