Screenshot full length of file display

Hello again! o)

Is it possible with the Clipboard SCREENSHOT command to take a screenshot of a file display in full length? If not, can anybody think of a way to achieve this automatically?

To be more clear, I want all the content in this file display to be visible without the scrollbar, like you can do with Vivaldi browser for example, taking a screenshot of the whole website at once into a single PNG file, which can be scrolled / zoomed into later on at any time.

The thumbnail/styles view is very nice for various things, but I miss a way to generate some kind of overview with all the items visible at once (think of sharing / offering choices purposes).

Making the filedisplay as big as possible and zooming out is not an option, since the thumbnails will get very small and cannot be identified easily anmore.


Thank you! o)

I think some screenshot tools can scroll a window and capture the whole thing. Haven’t tried them myself, though.

Ok, so DO can't do this, no problem, I will investigate some tools then, thanks! o)

FastStone Capture ($19.95) and ShareX (Open Source) can do this.

Thanks, yes.
Ok, I've been trying with ShareX within the last 2h, but it does not give good results.

There is a lot of fiddling involved with

  • setting scroll window and/or region manually
  • resizing file display beforehand to help the tool
  • what scroll events to fire (all seem to have a different side effect)
  • amount of scroll events since the auto-endofscroll detection seems to fail
  • what offsets to use in the composing stage to prevent overlapping / missing parts
  • ..

I had maybe one usable result, still not perfect.
It seems using ShareX is nothing I can do on a regular basis with DO.

I use faststone capture for things like that...

Does it give decent results with DO?

"Does it give decent results with DO?"
I've never tried doing it in dopus, but here are the results captured in the "Windows" folder...

Thank you! o)

I had a test in the meantime myself.. indeed! Flawless results on the first two tests. How easy this can be. Wonder why with ShareX it's such a pain doing this? o)

Will try some more, an open source solution would be nice of course, but if the FastStone is worth it, I will go for it.

Thanks again everyone for the help! o)


Since the FastStone Capture works out of the box, it seems it's not necessarily a DO specific difficulty to grab a file display. So I tried some more with ShareX and got better results.

I seem to have found a combination of settings and button clicks to gain the same result as with FastStone Capture. Try these settings / steps..

Not sure why the more manual approach works better, maybe there are two different algos involved. If the checkbox "Guess offsets and combine images" is enabled on the pre "Capture" tab (before doing the scrolling capture), the result is always messed up in some way, but if left disabled and the button (6.) after the capture is used, it yields good results.

We are getting closer to printing digital collections as huge wallpapers / framed pictures with thumbnail styles and things.. o) Thanks again everyone! o)

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