Script Add-Ins, Unicode

Using the resource dialog doesn't seem to support Unicode?

Please be more specific. What are you trying to do which isn’t working?

Seems like I messed up somewhere, so I'm just asking. I tested again and didn't see the problem.

The problem is back, I unzipped the script packaged yesterday, and then only modified

dlg.Control("static").label = "Paste (Copy) Here to New Subfolder";        // Topic


dlg.Control("static").label = "((´∀`*))";                                 // Topic

Test.osp (5.9 KB)

Try saving the script as "UTF-8 with BOM" in your text editor.

Thanks, it worked.
The strange thing is that I never change the format, sometimes it works.

Probably UTF-8 coinciding with your locale's text encoding / codepage sometimes but not others. Or the editor doing it automatically sometimes and not others. Or you didn't use the same editor in both cases. Hard to guess. :slight_smile: