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Script Dialog checkboxes misaligned

Looks fine in the design view...

Misaligned when you render the dialog...

	<resource name="dialog2" type="dialog">
		<dialog fontsize="25" height="100" lang="english" width="180">
			<control checkboxes="auto" height="54" name="listview1" type="listview" viewmode="list" width="64" x="30" y="24">
					<item text="AAAA" />
					<item text="BBBB" />
					<item text="CCCC" />
					<item text="DDD" />
					<item text="EEEE" />

Unfortunately that's the way the listview control draws checkboxes when the font size is larger than normal. We control the drawing in the dialog editor (since it's a preview, not a real listview control) and so the actual bug is that what the dialog editor shows in this case doesn't match the real control.

Gotcha thanks for taking a look. At least if it's consistent then I can't complain.