Script for cleaning dance mp3 filenames


Here's a renaming script you may find useful. It's intended to rename those ugly dance mp3 filenames like...

You can edit this script and customize it so it fits your personal needs.

To load a script:

  1. Open the renaming dialog
  2. Select File > Import and load the script file
  3. Click on "Add Preset" and name it.

v0.5 beta

This renaming script performs these changes:

  • Replaces underscores with spaces
  • Separates dashes (puts a space on each side)
    • List dashed words so their dashes are not separated (see 'dashedWords' array)
  • Replace square brackets with round brackets
  • Puts a space before opening brackets
  • Removes extra spaces (two ore more spaces together)
  • Removes leading and trailing spaces
  • Capitalizes first letter of each word (see 'separators' array if you want to change word separators)
    • List words with special case (see 'nonCapitalizedWords' array)
  • Replace "featuring" / "feat[.]" / "ft." with "ft"
  • Replace "presents" / "pres[.]" with "pres"
  • Replace "versus" / "vs[.]" with "vs"
  • Replaces "and" with "&"
  • Removes track number at the beginning
    • List artists that start with a number so their number is not deleted (see 'numberedArtists' array)
  • Removes extra text after second dash (usually it's rubbish): ARTIST - TITLE - EXTRA_TEXT
  • Sets extension to lower case

I must thank @leo for his Script to perform multiple Regular Expressions. I started my script from his.

Hope you like it! (I use it a lot of times!)
MP3 Renaming.orp (9.24 KB)

v0.6 beta

A little fix (removing extra text after last dash) and some performance improvements (I didn't know I could execute initializing code outside functions).
Dance song Renaming.orp (9.39 KB)

Thanks for your useful script, but it will be very better if you add exceptions for underlined file names too. For example, I didn't want see any change on file names with "_v" (e.g Directory Opus_v9.1.0.3). You script have not any solution for these cases.