Script to rename file from clipboard and open file in native program

I have a simple script to rename PDF files using the contents of the clipboard but was wondering if there is a command (like Show) that would open the file in Acrobat? Here is my command script that I have applied to a button:

Rename PATTERN *.pdf TO {clip}.pdf 
// only shows the PDF in the DOpus viewer  

You can use filetype action=dblclk to simulate a double-click on the selected file(s).

Or just run the program you want directly, passing it the filepath using {filepath$}.

You'll probably also want to put quotes around {clip}.pdf, in case the clipboard contains any spaces. (This is done automatically with things like filepaths, but not with the clipboard contents.)

Rename PATTERN *.pdf TO "{clip}.pdf"
FileType ACTION=dblclk


Rename PATTERN *.pdf TO "{clip}.pdf"
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat\Acrobat.exe" {filepath$}

(I'm guessing about the path to Acrobat as I don't have it installed.)

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