Scripting: Progress indicator in jobs bar

How do I send a progress indicator created by my own script to the jobs bar?

In the preferences, I have a) set my jobs bar to appear whenever a new job is started and b) set progress indicators to be minimized.
But the indicator created in my script is always visible.

I tried turning on the jobs bar withcommand.RunCommand("Set JOBSBAR=on");which only shows an empty jobs bar. Even when I manually minimize the indicator, it is not sent to the jobs bar.


I guess no answer means "Can't be done"?

I think it worked last time I tried, but it was a while ago and I may be misremembering.

What does your current script look like?

Found it: If the progress.owned property is set to true (false is the default), minimizing to the jobs bar doesn't work. Would be helpful to add that to the documentation.

It seems there are still a lot of mysteries surrounding the progress indicators (some of which steje also pointed out): Different behaviour for internal/external commands, status not updating, percentages appearing without configuration...
My code is currently not fit for posting here, I'm afraid.

Maybe a detailed Example Script would help?