Scripting - toolbars.lister.count not initialised/defaulted

Set tlb = DOpus.Toolbars n = tlb.count - 1 For i = 0 To n DOpus.output tlb(i) DOpus.output tlb(i).listers.count ' Fails: Object doesn't support this property or method: 'listers.count' If tlb(i) = "Menu" Then DOpus.output tlb(i).listers.count ' Succeeds: If toolbar is in at least one lister Next
The first listers.count statement fails if the current toolbar tlb(i) does not appear in any listers. If I comment the statement out, the second listers.count statement succeeds since the Menu toolbar is present in at least one lister.

If a toolbar is not in use I would expect listers.count to be set to zero, rather than being uninitialised/undefined. The same goes for docks.count.

Regards, AB