Scroll Anchoring within a Lister

I believe that I am using the appropriate terminology here, but I am just casually investigating the means to set DOpus to return to the previous position in a folder when navigating back. Here is what I am trying to describe if my terminology is incorrect:

  • Navigating to a folder (we'll call it "Programs")
  • Within "Programs", scrolling down the many, many folders inside this location and selecting and entering the "Movavi" folder (for instance)
  • Navigate back to the "Programs" folder, and the lister returns to the very top folders in the list. instead of back to the "Movavi" folder which is in the middle of the folder, which forces me to scroll back down to the "Movavi".

Is there a way to configure Opus to return to a previous scroll point/anchor point in the previous directory so that I do not need to scroll all the way back through the directory to return to the same folder I navigated from? It is a minor inconvenience, but I'm getting to the point with Opus that I am steadily working all the kinks out of my configuration and have very little left that is bugging me, which is pretty awesome because when I first started using this software I was so in over my head with all of the features I felt overwhelmed at times :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: I am no Opus guru by any means, but I have removed the training wheels and just want to work out the minor kinks now :blush:.

I will say this - the one cruddy thing about using Opus is that when you are on any other computer that doesn't have it, it makes you want to cry with how limited and clunky Explorer is. You guys have straight up spoiled me! I really do love this software.

Checking Preferences / Folders / Folder Behavior / Select previous folder when going Up should have the desired effect.