Scrollbar position

Is there a setting to make the vertical scroll bar button default to the topmost position when opening a new lister or sorting a field?


It should always start at the top when opening a new lister (i.e. new window).

If it isn't when you're entering a folder in an existing window then that's because the folder has been cached, but that should only happen when parenting and then only if you're purposely configured Opus to do so, e.g. by following this FAQ.

I don't think there is a way to reset the scrollbar position when sorting, but you can check the related option Preferences / Listers / File Display: Reset focus entry when sorting file list to stop the scrollbar moving when you sort the list.

(When that option is not checked the lister scrolls so that the currently selected item remains visible after the change in sort order. When the option is checked the lister won't scroll at all, so if it's at the top before the sort it'll still be at the top after the sort.)

Great! Thank you very much.