Scrolling question

I do a lot of stuff involving folders which contain many subfolders, where I wish to open a subfolder, do something, and continue with the next subfolder, and so on.
Whenever I come back from the subfolder, I am repositioned at the top of the superfolder, so if I had scrolled, say, four pages to get to the subfolder, I now have to scroll four or more for the next one.
There are so many options in Dopus - I'm NOT knocking it; I never use Explorer any more - so it's very possible that I just haven't found how to stay at the last subfolder.
Anyone like to give me a hint?

just use the backward button instead the "level up" button, then you will see your last used folder.

If you have the folder tree enabled in whatever viewing mode you're using, you can click on the little lock in the upper-right corner of the folder tree's pane to lock the tree in place. Then it's easy to move to the next folder without scrolling.


Thanks, pRiMUS, that was just the hint I wanted! I KNEW Dopus would let me do it.

Unfortunately, I was a bit premature in my enthusiasm!

I have, for example, a folder called "Downloads", into which I, well, download things. I download them into subfolders, depending on what they are. In Downloads I have a folder called "GP Software", but that, at the moment, ends up on the first page of Downloads anyway, so it's no problem. Besides, it has no subfolders. Another is Java, which has several subfolders, and is itself on page 2 of Downloads.

If I'm cleaning up in these folders, product by product, and get beyond the first page of Downloads, the go-back button is OK so long as I haven't touched any subfolder in my chosen subfolder. If I have, I just loop between the subfolder and its subfolder. Going back to Downloads puts me back at the top, at least one page scroll from where I want to be next.

Sorry Bob, but I don't see what you mean...

I've got a similar folder structure as what you've got - "my apps". And in this folder have a series of application folders that I update with new releases/patches whatever for the various apps I own and eval. If I position "my apps" 2 pages down to my "UltraEdit" folder, double-click on it and then go into a "v11.10b+2" folder, unzip my latest download and then hit the 'Go BACK' button twice, I go back to "my apps" folder at the same scroll position I had been in order to get to UltraEdit.

I wonder - are you navigating using double-clicks on folders and/or a combination of clicking on the folders in the folder tree? Maybe this has an impact? Are you talking about the scroll orientation of the folder tree as opposed to the lister file pane?

If you want to avoid scrolling back to where you came from, change your Parent (Go UP) button to run


instead. This makes Opus use the cached copy of the parent directory, if it's in the cache, which includes the position you were scrolled down to.

There's also an option in Preferences to make the Parent button on the File Display Border do the same thing.