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SD Cards & Mobile Devices Issues

I'm having all kinds of issues with DO when accessing mobile devices and SD cards. DO is constantly freezing, crashing, etc. I have no issues with Windows Explorer. Is this a bug in DO?

How are you accessing the mobile devices? MTP, FTP, or something else?

Are the SD cards plugged directly into the Windows PC, or being accessed via a mobile device?

Have any crash dumps been created? Those can often tell us if it's Opus or a third party component crashing, and potentially the exact code that is causing the crash as well (depending on where it is).

For mobile devices, they are connected to the PC via USB. I mostly download image files. Many times DO will lose connection to the device, or not transfer files without a problem. I switch over to Win Exp and I have no issues.

The SD cards are directly in the machine via a USB card reader device. Seems to be better when not connected via a SUB hub.

It's mostly better not using a hub and connect USB-device directly to mainboard. But if you need a hub, don't use a cheap one and always with external extra power, so that connecting some devices will not end in a power issue.

That probably means you're using MTP. Does the path start with mtp:// when viewing the device?

Using FTP is usually a much more reliable way to access mobile devices, at least if you're running Android. The MTP stack in Windows is not very reliable.

That should work, and not crash, unless a file on the card is triggering a bug in something (which may be in a third party shell extension rather than Opus).

Crash dumps are needed to diagnose what's going wrong there.

If it matters whether a hub is used then there may be an issue with the USB drivers on your system, or power to the hub being used (although I'd be surprised if low power causes a crash rather than an error).

I have no idea about MTP vs FTP? This happens on all of my devices, both iOS and Android. For example, I just connected an iOS phone and it lists, but no matter what I click in DO, it won't show the files or switch directories in the main file area in DO. The Folder Tree does show the directories.

Again, I use Windows Explorer and have no problems with any of these devices, even via the hub. Works perfectly.

That doesn't sound like a crash. Are we talking about actual crashes (if so, please send the crash dumps), or something else (e.g. not seeing the expected files)?

You don't need to know much about FTP vs MTP except that FTP is a lot more reliable and MTP is best avoided if you can. MTP goes wrong in Explorer as well, just not always at the same times or on the same devices. FTP, on the other hand, is generally very reliable. The guide I linked to has more detail.

No, I've also had actual crashes. Windows then has a "reporting to Microsoft" dialog window that displays for a moment. I've also had to close DO from the Task Manager.

I have these same issues on two machines. FYI

Please send the crash dumps to us (not Microsoft) and we'll take a look.

Leo, how do I do that? There is no option when it crashes. It just crashes and a little dialog comes up that it is being reported to Microsoft. That's it.

Please read the crash dumps page I linked in my first reply.