Seaching for domain name

I need to search for any occurrence of www in a set of files. Here are the results I get:

w fails
https://w works
https://ww fails

I can understand the first two but why does the third fail? More importantly, if someone knows, please let me know what is needed to make it work?

What's the exact set-up of your search? Could you post a screenshot of the window?

It is just a default search window. If I click Find on the window shown, it won't find any resuls, even though many of the files have that entry.

The \ you're using to escape characters with is for use with regular expressions. Which as far as I know isn't supported in the simple find panel dialog. However if you switch to advanced and set your filter up like in the screen shot, it does seem to work. Note that none of the characters in www need to be escaped for RegEx.

Now all that said, I agree the simple find panel dialog should be able to find www too, so something does seem a bit out of whack there.

Thanks John, that works. I'll report it as a bug so Jon can take a look.

Just to follow up in case others have this problem, I heard from support and the way to do the search with the simple dialog is to use a forward slash, so https:////www works.