Seaching, how to get DO to search for only what I type in

Hello All,

I was trying to search for a file called "", but part of the search result yield results like: and

I even placed quotes around the search string, but DO still listed items that I felt should not be in the list. I had performed a search for c*.inf for any file starting with the letter c and ending in the extension of inf, but DO brings up a lot of noise. It was listing files like:

info.c, "$$_inf_termservice_0000_f96d5ce56bc76fc8.cdf-ms, "D1699r5-ATA8-ACS - Information technology - AT Attachment 8 - ATA-ATAPI Command Set (ATA8-ACS).pdf", and "Contact Info.rfp" to just name a few.

I have included a few attachments as examples. I am sure I am misunderstanding the way the search function is performing, but how I can I get it to perform a search as I expect or think (at least in this context)?

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The lister's top-right search field passes what you type to Windows Search (more info here) which uses the same Advanced Query Syntax as the similar field in Windows Explorer.

Microsoft's docs on the syntax say you can use quotes to match "exact phrases" but it still seems to do sub-string matching on filenames, at least, and I'm not sure how to tell Windows Search not to. There might be a way as it's not something I use a lot myself.

You can use name:"" to prevent file contents from matching, if that helps.

You can also use Opus's own search implementation instead of Windows Search, via Tools -> Find. In the "Simple" mode, the filename field still does sub-string matching, but you can use the "Advanced" mode to prevent that.