Search and Find in File Properties

I'm totally novice here, so my problem is likely user error, and I'm doing something that is hopefully easy to fix.

I need to make use of Windows file Properties (title, subject, tags, comments) to assist in organizing a large quantity of files. I created a button from something I found here, but it's weird in that it will only find some of the files that have matching Properties. The button command is:
find query title:"{dlgstring|Enter search term}"

  1. Any idea why it would only find some of the files with a matching title keyword?

  2. Is there a set of commands or script that will search all Properties (ie, title, subject, comments, tags)?

Thank you.

It may depend on the file types, or on which folders Windows Search has indexed.

If you take out the title: from the command, that might work. But it's up to Windows Search, and exactly what it does with a given query isn't very well documented. It may also depend on whether the folders are indexed (which makes it more likely to consider additional properties).

Opus also has its own Tools > Find Files panel, which is independent of Windows Search. In there, on the Advanced tab, you could try Document > Match > Any Field:

That will also depend on the file types being searched to some degree.

If neither works, can you give us some example file types and fields that aren't found? We may be able to help more knowing those.

Thank you. Removing "title:" didn't work. When executed it brings up the Find panel.

The Find panel option is also strange. Below is the test set of files with Properties, and then the result when searching for only "trust" (which should find three files). It finds only one, the first entitled "FILED Documents...."

Tags are not part of the Document fields:

2020-12-21 - 19.00.11 - Dtest

This should work: