Search Crashing

I found when I type in the search, the search automatically begins to find results. If I goof while typing, or pause for a slight moment to correct my entry, DOpus crashes. Happens constantly.

Please send us the dmp files and we’ll take a look: sent

Thanks for sending the crash log, could you please provide some more details about how to trigger the crash?

  • Which search are you using? The field in the top-right?
  • What do you mean exactly by "goof while typing, or pause for a slight moment"?

If you could provide exact details on how to reproduce that would be a great help. Thanks!

When I'm typing in the search (upper-right) and I think it's triggering the search to start, but I backspace to fix my search and that crashes it.

Video: McCoyCLOUD

The simple fix would be to not have it automatically search -- and just allow me to press enter to start the search once my search criteria is entered.

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We haven't been able to reproduce the crash so far, even when trying with a similar network drive, in thumbnails mode, with zip files in the results like in your video.

The crash log indicates that processing change notifications may be involved in the issue, which could make it more complex to reproduce on other machines than it looks.

Are changes to the searched files/folders happening in the background?

(Or, if it's not a Windows machine at the other end, have you noticed things like thumbnails flashing as they refresh even when the files aren't being modified? That could indicate the NAS is sending spurious change events, which we've seen some NAS do in the past. Should not cause a crash, but might be key to understanding where the crash is coming from and how to fix it.)

Nothing else is going on during this time. No thumbs flashing or such.

It's a USB 3.1 external drive (not a network drive). I do have a lot of files in the folders, so perhaps the auto-search process is still running when I change the search text?

Is there an option to make the search not auto-search? That would solve it. I have no issues unless I'm still typing in the search when the auto-search begins.

There isn't an option for that, unfortunately.

Are there more crash dumps you could send? Only one was sent before, but if we can look at some others it might reveal more.

I can crash it easily every time. I just did and here is the dump file.

I'm not sure what more I can send you?

As many of the DMP files as you have, please. We only have two so far. More could be useful as they might reveal different details. If it's crashing a lot then there should be lots of them in the temp folder.

Please send them via private message or to the crashdumps email address (see Automatic crash logs (for bug reports) for detail)