Search difference on two PCs

I think this is a Windows thing?

Anyway, I use OneDrive to sync my paperless process between two PCs. I use DOpus for access. On one of the systems using the search bar Fillename:text returns 6 results, On the other the same search returns 4 results. The two missing files are HTML files.

I backed up the DOpus config from the 6 PC and put it on the 4 PC. Same result. I was banging my head against the wall looking at preferences. I decided to try double quotes and lo and behold Filename:"text returned the 6 notes.

I suppose I know what to do now. Just wondering why the difference (") on the two systems. Both Windows 10 Pro. Thanks for any insight.

It sounds like you're using the Windows Search field at the top right of the window:

Search queries entered into that are handled by Windows and Opus just displays the results. You'll usually see similar results to File Explorer (although there are slight differences in whether file contents are searched by default in non-indexed folders).

Tools > Find Files will give you Opus's own search tool, which isn't tied to Windows Search.

Top right corner is correct. One device is a Lenovo laptop and the other is a Surface Pro so maybe that's the difference. Weird they have different behavior but I shall adjust. Thanks for the insight.

Best I can tell the DOpus native search tool does not take advantage of the Windows index. This is problematic based upon the searches that I do. DOpus is the front end to my paperless solution post Evernote. Lots of files and text to search.

i use simple text files for almost all my searchable data.
i'd give this pairing a go.
i'm a long time everything user and only just found that DO and it work very well together. indexes my NAS also.

Thanks for that. The text I was referring to is text with PDFs. With Windows indexing enabled one can search within PDFs. Something I use with my paperless stuff.

It's not indexing that enables PDF searching, but the IFilter that (some) PDF tools install. Opus will use the same IFilter components in Tools > Find Files (non-indexed, of course).

Got that thanks. Essence fo me is indexing options on Windows creates the index that windows search uses. PDFs are indexed in the process. So Windows search (upper right corner) will return 8 files out of 300k in no notes. Works great in DOpus. Thanks.