Search file with Ctrl+F

i don't understand how to search a file.
I usually search using the filter box on the toolbar but i see that it gives also results from subfolders. I was asking how to search only in the current folder but then i read a topic where someone asked for the same thing and there is no solution

So if i want to use Ctrl+F, how do i search file??
With the box, if i want to search for "Coming from the sky" i just write it (even partial "coming from") and it's done
But with full search i don't know what to do

Not sure which discussion you're referring to, but there's a simple checkbox in the find panel to turn off searching in sub-folders.

no you didn't understand

i can't search with ctrlf because i get all results in the folder. it doesn't work

if i have a folder with

A B C D E and i search for A (with Ctrl+F) ...i get A B C D E

With filter i get only A but it includes subfolders

Please show a screenshot of what you're doing.

I'm doing some tests

the problem seems to be in what i choose in "results collection" (or what it is in english) on the top right of the panel

i can choose between "find results" (in english), "Immagini marcate" (italian), "Resultados de busqueda" (spanish) "Risultati ricerca (italian)...3 of them mean the same thing but in 3 different languages + i have "Immagini marcate". I use the software in italian, that's why i use Risultati Ricerca but i found out that whatever and wherever i do the research, i always get all the files in the same folder. I can search for "yellow" in D:Music and i keep getting all files from D:Video
If i use "find results" in english, i get almost what i want but i have to enable also "delete previous results" or i keep getting old results EVEN IF they don't match what i'm searching and this is strange
If i have searched for "yellow" and then i search for "blu" i keep getting "yellow" results if i don't enable that setting.

The results collection shouldn't matter, unless you aren't clearing the old results in it.

Please post a screenshot. I don't really know what you're doing so far so it's hard to explain what's happening, as I don't have a clue. :slight_smile:

Sounds like your Find in folder is not locked to your Lister Source Folder (Alt-L).

Sounds to me like you just need to turn on the option to clear old results, as Leo suggested.