Search folder mysteries

DOpus shows this folder "Searches" in my folder tree, some of the function of which I think I don't understand. So here are the questions I have:

  • This folder contains a number of objects that have names like "", or "Microsoft Office Outlook.searchconnector-ms". Are these objects of any use? If I click on them, all I get is an "Open with" dialog. Am I missing anything here? Or are these just placeholders that get filled when I actually do a Search?
  • From where (in the registry, I assume) does DOpus obtain these objects? One thing I notice is that a few of them seem more or less duplicates of each other: For example, I have a "Microsoft Office Outlook.searchconnector-ms", and a "Microsoft Outlook.searchconnector-ms".
  • What happens if I delete one of these objects?

This may be related to something odd I just noticed happen when I search emails from the Windows Start Menu: I get two identical lists of emails matching my query, one of them titled "Microsoft Office Outlook", the other "Microsoft Outlook". Is there any way to get rid of the duplicate list? I realize that this may not really be a DOpus issue, but maybe the bright folks at GPSoftware can help me shed some light on what is going on here.

Thanks very much for any insight you can give me on this!

Where does the Searches folder appear in the folder tree?

Is it also there in Windows Explorer?

[quote="leo"]Where does the Searches folder appear in the folder tree?

Is it also there in Windows Explorer?[/quote]

It appears below "My Music", "My Pictures", "My Videos", "Saved Games", underneath the folder that holds all my user folders, F:\UserData<username>. It's in Explorer as well, in my case at F:\UserData<username>\Searches

The .searchconnector-ms files seem to exist to allow Windows Search to look inside network resources (a "cloud photo storage" service is one example) or virtual folders (maybe that's how Outlook is using it, to allow searching of the email folders).

I am not sure why those files would be placed below your Music, Pictures, Videos and Save Games folders, though. Maybe something put them there by mistake, or maybe they are part of some kind of cloud storage/backup solution which moves or mirrors files from those folders into an internet server and provides the search-connectors to allow you to search them.

There's a bit more information on search connectors here: ... 80(v=vs.85.aspx

Thanks, that has helped!

*.search-ms files contain saved searches in Windows Vista and 7. They are stored in the Users--> username--> Searches folder. Basically you can treat them like actual folders which contain files specified by the search parameters you entered. These searches can be re-run just by opening the file FROM WINDOWS EXPLORER. I haven't yet found a way to get them to behave as they should through DOpus, which is a huge bind. I'm hoping virtual folders will help.

Anyone beat this yet?