Search folder/subfolders in reverse alphabetical order possible?

I have a huge folder with a lot of subfolders and ZIP archives inside each, in which there are .txt files, and from time to time I need to locate some file by the text it contains. But on some occasions I certainly know that this file would be somewhere near the end of my subfolder/archive structure (alpabetically speaking), so how can I make the search work in the reverse order in order to not waste hours of time? Thanks.

I don't think the search order can be reversed.

You could limit the scope with a filter, e.g.

Is it a Windows hard limitation that cannot be overriden? If not, I would definitely send it as a suggestion for future versions.

No, most likely not. However, reversing the search order is probably not a feature that could be added easily. Enumerating the folders with a script and feeding them to the Find command in the desired order might be the better approach.

You could also drag the folders you want to search into the Find In field, instead of searching the level above them.

Or exclude the folders you don't want to search.

May I know exactly how to do it?

It's still not a perfect solution, because inside each sub-folder there are tons of archives, and there are thousands of text files inside of the archives, so I would really just prefer the reverse order search. Because I don't know exactly where the needed file is, but often I suspect that it would be closer to the end of the whole hierarchy. However, I may also be wrong, and in that case I'll waste time searching the sub-folders that do not even contain the needed file. Not to mention that there are not so many sub-folders, but rather archives and files inside those archives. So even if I search the very last subfolder, but not from the end, it would still take too much time if I'm sure that the needed file is somewhere at the end.

Is there a way to just search folders that start with letters M-Z then search on A-L?? that way you are kind of searching in reverse order.