Search for duplicate images

Over the years I've accumulated various hard drives of dead or defunct computers.
I have many images that get carried forward to new drives, but now I would like to consolidate my images to one area.

I looked at the Duplicate File option, but was unsure how best to tackle this.
My options would be to look for duplicate by Camera Date in the Exif data regardless of name or file type.

This will no doubt take a lot of time so any wisdom from others on this is much appreciated thanks.

Are the files byte-for-byte identical copies of each other?

They should all be identical images.
With one caveat. Some will have extra Tags embedded in the Exif data.

Some would be same image backed up and renamed.
Name-1 and so on, for example.
I'm not really concerned about them.

The duplicate finder in Opus could only find them if the files are byte-for-byte identical (MD5 mode), or if the filenames are the same (filename mode).

There isn't a way to search for duplicates based on the decoded images or only a subset of EXIF tags.

It might be possible to write a script to do it, but I think it would end up being quite complex.

Thanks Leo
I'll play around with a small subset of files and see how that goes.